Logan Delaney

Film student and photographer from Los Angeles, CA. available for commissions, projects or collaborations.

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Any of you guys free to shoot on Wednesday?

I wish there was a way people could get the perfect sense of me as a human being and what I’m all about without me talking so goddamn much. Why do I have to put on a fake personality and talk about trivial/uninteresting things in order for you to like me as a person? I don’t talk much anyway. Just enjoy my company and eventually I’ll open up and we’ll become friends. lol idk I’m not good with words sometimes


Free to shoot some LA people tomorrow ok come on let’s go guys

lmao your email address is fucking hilarious hahahaha


:( are you being mean?

My favorite place to reflect

March 2014

Hi I'm anonymous! and love is hard.... but its better knowing why its hard than not knowing at all. and pussy. every guy loves that shit yo. That and mexican coke.


Wait can you start over